Allow to have 3 or more voices per staff, instead of just 2



  • frenchmustard

    Agreed. as it stands it's unusable for anything more than the simplest drum notation unless you split the kit across multiple parts. One voice for the hi-hats, one voice for the kick drum and nowhere to put the snare.

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  • Hudson-R

    @frenchmustard I completely agree with your statement though I'm just pointing out that it is okay for jazz drum notation which usually does not use more than two voices.

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  • giannismusic

    I completely agree. 

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  • Nikhon Schuler

    Agreed. Noteflight needs to add a feature to allow 3 or more voices per staff, rather than just the upper/lower voices currently allowed. 

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  • Djovid

    3 voices per staff is essential for writing solo guitar music. Thanks!

    I'm actually trying to finish a collection of guitar pieces very soon and really need that third voice. Thanks much!!!

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