Allow triplets to carry across bars



  • Wollip

    I love triplets but they are a little clunky to write in Noteflight, particularly if you find yourself needing to alter a passage already committed to paper. Try this:

    You can manually half an "X" value triplet into two parts and tie them together (across the barline) to create a passage with a rhythm that includes a triplet over the bar line. For example:

    If you tried to convert this passage to 3/4, the software will not know how to handle the last triplet, and it will simply be omitted rather than retained over the new barline. 

    ...but if you first rewrite the last triplet as two, as shown below, the software will appropriately divide the passage. Note the rhythms of the 4th and 5th measures are identical.

    Regonfigured as 3/4 time:

    Note also that the software won't paste together the two triplet groupings in the second measure; but you should probably do this to simplify the notation -- i.e. revise to use one quarter note triplet (as in the first measure) rather than two eigth note triplets tied together.

    Interestingly, Noteflight can divide a note up if it is not a triplet (or other grouping). For example, a whole note in a 4/4/ measure becomes a dotted half timed to a quarter if you convert the 4/4 measure into 3/4.  

    Having the software know what to do with triplets (and such) when converting meter would be a nice enhancement, expecially for users composing with more complex time signaturesl; but there are ways to work around this.

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  • Jake Barnes

    Even if Noteflight allowed triplets across a barline, I would still caution you not to use it. Very few performers, if any, would put up with this indulgence.

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