Create an option for no measures



  • Le Basseur

    I totally agree, this feature is needed really urgent. Many thanks! 

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  • ocseyen

    That's a fine idea, however, even when the bar line is invisible, the notes remain grouped as if the bar line were present. 

    The only other idea I had was to use an invisible time signature like 100/2 but that wont do either as the notes clump together and I'm afraid editing note distance would be far to cumbersome and inaccurate. 

    All suggestions and support are greatly appreciated.  
    I sure hope something can be done about this. 

    Thank you!

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  • DonBugg

    You can make the measure division lines invisible. Wouldn't that solve your whole problem?  If you need different time signatures in the measures in order to avoid use of ties, that's easy to hide too.

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