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  • smarkclardy

    Yes!  Please allow the use of all available text & musical symbols in all text fields.  There should also be a way to place any text & musical symbols as text anywhere on a musical staff.  Several musical characters are available in the Microsoft Segoe UI Symbol set, beginning at Character Code 1D100, Unicode (Hex), and there are likely other sources.  But it doesn't appear that it is possible to "cut & paste" these special characters as text into Noteflight.  For example, in harp music, the "Coda" symbol 𝄌 is used to indicate muffling (i.e., silencing) vibrating strings, but Noteflight only allows its use as "Coda;" the symbol cannot be placed anywhere else.  This would also allow for the placement of special non-playing note characters on the musical staff.  Again in harp music, lever changes are often indicated by placing a diamond shaped whole-note symbol on the staff to indicate which string to change, but the "note" is not played.

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