Play Mordents and Turns



  • JonIvyMusic

    Totally agree! If we're paying for the subscription it should play mordents and turns.

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  • Frederic Amadeus Laman

    Heck yes! It is very annoying when I want to hear the final product, but the product is never final audibly!


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  • mblythe

    For a subscription with the option to add ornamentation, all should be audible in playback surely? For this reason alone I can't renew my education establishments subscription next year. I really hope this is fixed fast. Noteflight has been fantastic on the whole but seems to lag behind what the community needs. 

    2 Years and still no fix? 

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  • leahpfeil

    I know! I have been trying to do this but it won't play it! This is very annoying!

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