Insert images into music



  • stumusic

    With Noteflight's focus on education, they should build a fingering chart tool right into the software. Highlight any note in a part for any instrument, click "insert fingering" and even give options for alternate fingerings to be inserted. This would be HUGE for music educators.

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  • Bcb911

    I agree! It would be nice to be able to include fingering charts and such directly on the music itself

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  • MrsSDavis

    As an educator, I would like to add clipart to scores to make the music more appealing to the younger crowd. Please add this feature!


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  • hchibnik

    I agree.  This would be a good feature.  It opens an entirely new window for producing educational materials.

    If at the very least a keyboard graphic could be inserted.  A text block would be my next suggestion. \



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