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  • tcromwell

    Agreed! However, I wish I could use numbers instead--either 123 for ABC or 123 for Do, Re, Mi (CDE).

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  • chorasExaudi

    I also suggest, that the numbers 123 etc. would be available to set, either for ABC/DoReMi, or for note values:

    1 – whole
    2 – half
    3 – quarter

    Problem is, even if numbers are much more necessary to use while typing new notes or lenghts, but they are already "taken" for default shortcuts of rhythmical groups (duplet, triplet, quadruplet).
    Either the "default" for numbers could be blank (so we can use them), or rhythmical groups changed to Alt plus 1, Alt plus 2, etc. so the rare figures like 5 or 7 rhythmical groups would be available, but really they are not so offen used.
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