Lyric copy/paste/delete and move



  • pcamusic

    Yes - as a choral conductor and composer, this is huge.  I love Noteflight - but it is very unwieldy to have to retype in the lyrics for every single voice part.  

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  • Music Builds Community

    I actually just posted a comment where I mentioned that it would be cool to have a function so that chunks of what appears on the screen could be highlighted and cut and pasted to a word program for artistic purposes - like if you are putting together a music book. I am wondering if that kind of concept would maybe somehow work with this issue that you present. Being able to highlight and cut lines of lyric would be helpful...

    I am a songwriter too and I use Noteflight to document melody and lyric, and I totally get what you are talking about. When I have a song Idea I have to wait until it is pretty well formulated before I start to put it into Noteflight. It's kind of the finishing touch.

    Me love Noteflight!

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