Merging Staves



  • happyruss

    Yes this would be nice, especially to help in the creation of drum staves. Related to this, you should be able to paste ON TOP OF an existing stave and have the parts be merged. Related to this, noteflight seems to not support polyrhythms at all, which is a huge limitation. I should be able to cross a whole note in one pitch with 2 half notes of a different pitch, this is just basic sheet music.

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  • Ian99

    Hey, not sure if you're still interested, but I think I have a solution to your problem. Try this:

    1. Highlight the upper staff and then click "voice" ---> "upper voice" (rests should appear on the upper staff underneath every note)

    2. Highlight the lower staff and click voice" ---> "lower voice"

    3. Copy the lower staff (highlight it and press ctrl+c)

    4. Click the first rest in the treble clef staff (of the set of lower rests), then paste the lower part with ctrl+v.

    That should make everything you wrote appear in the upper staff. Then you can just delete the lower staff since it is redundant.

    Hope this is helpful!

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