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  • Erasmia FBS

    Has anyone found a way to do this?

    I would like to put a pentatonic scale on the top of a score, and then do the score with my students. But that first measure keeps getting included as part of the score....

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  • nascarnonna96

    I agree.  I see that you can do a page break and it would be great to be able put a secondary title or new title  to start a new piece as when you are writing a sonatina in 3 parts and it needs to be sold as one piece of music.  At least a new Supertitle would be helpful if you could add it to the top of the page with the new score.  Also, I think it would be good if you could sell collections as one item.  For example, 5 hymn scores for beginner pianists as a hymn collection for $10, etc.  Is that a possibility?  Am loving using this site and the creativity it allows.  Thank you!

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  • ViolaC

    I agree, I would love to put more samples with different headings in the same document.

    About the scale: I choose my value for the scale, say a pentatonic scale including the octave - that is six notes. If I choose to write it in semibreves, that would equal 12 minims. I choose that time signature, 12/2 (possibly hidden). After the scale is done, I choose a thin double- bar line, the time signature for the song from the next bar onwards, and continue. It shows the change of time at the end, but it works...

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