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  • N31LD

    As someone new to music, using this feature in a competitor's product was essential to me making progress in learning some musical theory and learning to play an instrument.  I learned to play the mandolin using TAB, then began learning the CWMN by seeing how the frets were represented as notes.   I now mostly play in a hybrid mode, where I read the TAB for the fret/string and read the CWMN above for the note duration.  Hopefully, over time I will progress to reading CWMN without the tab, but for the first couple of years this has been invaluable.

    This feature is particularly important for someone learning to arrange solo scores, as learning to do this requires a lot of iterative editing to the score.  If the CWMN and TAB had to be edited separately, this would be very difficult to keep them in synch. 

    For these reasons, this feature would be a prerequisite to me paying a subscription for noteflight, which is a pity as in many other respects noteflight is superior to the other product that I have used. 

    I wish to add the following details to the OP's request

    (1) that this feature not be limited to guitar, but also be available for Mandolin, Ukelele, and other fretted stringed instruments.

    (2) that the interaction between TAB-Staff be bidirectional - ie notes added to TAB appear on staff and vice versa.  There are challenges in both directions: it is challenging to set the note duration on TAB, and in the other direction an educated guess must be made as to which string/fret option for a note is the most likely to be played.  My most common way of working is to enter the notes in Staff, then drag the note to another string on the TAB if I don't like the note/string combination that was proposed.  

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