Mandolin instrument and mandolin tablature



  • rabonour

    The hack I just came up with for mandolin tab is to use electric bass tab and change the tuning - seems to work.

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  • Drace5555

    I do the same thing but I didn't know you could change the tuning!

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  • giannismusic

    I need a mandolin on noteflght with the sound of mandolin, not the electric bass tab audio.

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  • N31LD

    With noteflight premium trial I was able to take the Ukelele TAB and modify the string tuning for mandolin.  That said, It would be preferable for Mandolin players to not have to figure that out and just pick their instrument from a list.  It would also be helpful if the parts were listed for Octave Mandolin / Bouzouki.

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