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    Thank you all for your patience!

    We now have a Brackets feature in development that you can test out by enabling it in Feature Previews.

    To enable Brackets, select your profile icon located in the top right corner of the page, and then select "Feature Previews." From there, go to "Brackets" and hit the toggle switch to enable the feature and begin using it in your account. 

    Be sure to provide feedback to our development team within the Feature Previews window!

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  • tmattei

    I'm bringing up this because I think it's a must.

    Brackets are very important in a score, to group similar instruments (strings, woodwinds, brass etc.)

    I think this is a primary feature request!

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  • jnhagelberg

    I'll second (or third that).  It is also important for pieces for choir, where the SATB parts are expected to have brackets.  I was very surprised when I learned Noteflight does not support brackets, it seems like a very common use case.



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  • anasomes

    tbh i was surprised there was no brackets now it's such an important feature ill have to use another app or just write it down after printing.

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  • musicbrox

    I agree with everything that is said here so far.  I, too, am quite surprised that that is not a feature in the either the paid (especially) or free versions.  As was mentioned above, brackets are super important for grouping certain sections together, or visually grouping like instruments.  This should REALLY be a feature in Noteflight, too.

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  • Theory

    Agreed *very* much. The problem, though, is to look at two things: 1) how many people have voted for this - not many; 2) do a search in the marketplace - most things are piano arrangments. Noteflight won't act without the demand, unfortunately, and not enough ensemble composers are using Noteflight. Even with their educational component - which I find really surprising that they don't add it for this reason. People are just getting by without it. *However*, Noteflight should consider the financial aspect and ADD this feature, as more serious composers might consider using it if it had this. 

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  • MMascari

    This is a basic element of notation and should have been part of the original build of the software!   PLEASE!!

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  • shnargle

    I agree, this is a must! I am using Noteflight for a project in my orchestration class at college and my professor told me I need to have the strings and winds bracketed separately. I now have to copy all of my parts into a template he made in Musescore so that it will look presentable. Come on, Noteflight!

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  • ceag

    Yes please. A little embarrassing.

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  • karlab75

    Agree. I mainly do choir notation and need brackets as well. 

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  • JaminBH

    Yes, yes, yes!  I'm very surprised they're still not there!

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  • albertflury

    I also need choir brackets...To link sopranos, altos, tenors and basses. They should be added.

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  • High Plains Grifter

    So frustrating that you can't group staves together for an orchestral score - please add brackets!

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  • MuspelSpark

    I agree! The funny thing is that Noteflight IS bracketing... Without my intending it, it put brackets on a Soprano solo part, Alto solo part, Tenor solo part and also the Soprano choir part that I had intended to be the top part of my SATB. Which proves that it knows how to do it, but how do I interact with Noteflight so I can have a choice?

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