Condense Parts into Voices / Paste into chosen Voice



  • cello-gang

    THIS!! This is the best suggestion ever!! Please add this NF - my arrangements take sooooo long having to manually put things together :(

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  • John Henry Sheridan

    Yes! I would appreciate an option to easily write in one voice or another. It seems the default is the Lower voice, which is a bit troublesome when I and writing classical guitar music and need to easily concentrate on whichever voice I want to at a given time. Having to remember to switch to Upper voice at the beginning of each measure not fun. Also challenging to cut a melody in one voice and paste it into the other... making that easier would be great. Cheers!

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  • jacqmat

    Yes, please!  Also, there doesn't seem to be a way to add an upper or lower voice to all measures in one step, you can only add them one measure at a time - very time consuming.  Have tried copying a voice from a stave with one voice into a stave with two voices, one having no notes. After copying the notes from the single stave, I selected that upper (empty) voice and pasted the notes but it removes the notes from the lower voice even though it wasn't selected.  Thanks

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  • teresajohnson

    Please, please, please follow this suggestion!  I have two voices in my lower stave for two recorders to play, but if the piano is to play that part it is difficult to read without the two voices being combined into one.

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  • msfridrich

    Adding another PLEA for CONDENSE SCORE function!!!

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