Chord change entry limitations



  • Noteflight

    There's actually a workaround here for your first issue!

    To accomplish this, Noteflight Premium members can use our "Upper Voice" and "Lower Voice" features to add two half notes to the same measure that the whole note is in. You can then assign another chord symbol to the second half note, and then change the color of both half notes to "None" so that they appear invisible in your score. 

    As for adding Dominant 7th chords to your score, '7's' automatically appear in superscript when entered in "Chord Symbol" text. For example, you could type out "C7" using Chord Symbol text and then click anywhere on the page to enter the symbol and have the 7 formatted in superscript. 

    For more information or further clarification on this, feel free to reach out to support@noteflight,com! 

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  • rudys7

    YEEEESSS!!! I have searched and searched on how to do this.  I have watched too many videos to count.  I finally had the correct vernacular to type in the search to get the lesson I needed.  Thank you!!! "upper and lower voices"!!!

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