Allow custom articulations playback



  • paulusbenedictus

    I second your idea. In addition, I discovered the the Strong Accent has no effect on volume in Noteflight's playback. That's unexpected to me. The regular Accent increases volume but the Strong Accent does not. The latter should at least increase volume just the same -- and preferably even louder.

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  • Jake Barnes

    Yes, ideally we should be able to adjust these ourselves, but first Noteflight should address the specific problems. Staccato is far too short; the accent (“regular accent”) is too loud; the marcato (“strong accent”) does nothing at all. The reason, I think, that “stacatissimo markings don’t play is that Noteflight is misinterpreting “staccato” to mean “stacatissimo”. The reason marcato does nothing is that Noteflight is misinterpreting the regular accent to mean marcato. While we’re it, contrary to what Noteflight assumes, there is no “8vb” notation.If you want pitches an octave below, you write “8va” below the passage. The “a” in  “8va” does not stand for “above”. 

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