• untakeable-name

    That's all you have. Fortissississimo is too loud, Pianissississimo is too soft.

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  • v2jadha

    After you type a valid dynamic, Noteflight will format it. But if you type in an extreme dynamic, Noteflight will not format it because it only understands within the range of ppp to fff, accent dynamics, and hairpins. I would request support for the following dynamics:

    • ppppp
    • pppp
    • ffff
    • fffff
    • sff
    • sffz
    • rf
    • rff
    • rffz
    • sfff
    • rfff
    • sfffz
    • rfffz
    • sffffz
    • rffffz
    • sffff
    • rffff
    • sfffff
    • rfffff
    • sfffffz
    • rfffffz
    • ffz
    • fffz
    • ffffz
    • fffffz
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  • Jake Barnes

    I think this is ridiculously going way overboard. Very rarely does one need a dynamic above fortissimo or below pianissimo, and when one does, triple forte and triple piano should more than suffice. It's asking far too much of a performer to make these ultrafine microscopic gradations. If you want just a bare whisper, write "niente". If you nevertheless insist on quadruple forte or quadruple piano, just put two fortissimos or two pianissimos side by side, etc. 

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