Repeat barlines



  • lejon

    (Also, if you need to write two on the same barline, one in each direction, it looks like devil´s horns).

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  • jeanbean14

    I would really like to be able to use repeat barlines without the wings.  
    They are distracting.  They are not standard.  They don't even match the symbol you click on to put them in.  
    I'm going to try to submit this as a request:  provide a choice of a standard repeat barline (sans wings), and make this the default.  Idk if Noteflight will do anything about it. 

    Meantime, I would love to know if anyone has an easy/quick way to get the standard repeat barlines into their score.  At present, I am using to erase the wings, but it is a hassle.  

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  • drbirkenstocks

    Agreed! A toggle option to turn wings on or off would be ideal.

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  • iwkirk1974

    I totally agree! I use Noteflight to write exercises which my students copy. But the wings are not standard, which I have to tell them. It's very frustrating to see these. Who even came up with them? Please fix this!

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